Blue & White Ibiza Tunic

Blue & White Ibiza Tunic

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Its back from last year! Blue and white Ibiza tunic top is back in stock. Love these light-weight tunic tops that are designed from local designer Kiki Sol! Read more about her line below. 

100% Cotton 

Small = 4/6 Medium = 8/10 Large = 10/12 XL = 12/14 XXL = 14/16

KIKI SOL Designer and owner, Shawn Rohde, has been living the urban coastal lifestyle for the past 20 years.  She has resided in cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Hawaii, St. Thomas, Fort Myers and Charleston. 

Her experiences living in these urban coastal locales have inspired her design sensibility from the inside out.  The designer has a deep appreciation for the arts, handicrafts and color.  Shawn's mission is to blend the vibrant sensations of color and sunshine in through the clothing.

KikiSol clothing is light-weight and comfortable making it the perfect choice for the summer weekends, exotic travel or a casual lifestyle.  It's clothing that will inspire your senses and refresh your mind; helping you look and feel your your very best.